Friday, 8 July 2016

Advance notices for An Honest Deceit- now available for pre-order

Thought I should announce that my fourth novel, 'An Honest Deceit', is now available for pre-order on Amazon here.  It's published in the UK, Europe, US and Japan on 20th October 2016. 

Advance quotes-

'A book of outstanding quality. The beauty of this book resides in his actuality, and in the way the author eases the reader into it by choosing to tell the story directly from Ben’s perspective. I was increasingly intrigued by the sharp descriptions of the characters that after a few pages take up a life of their own. With this book I can genuinely say that Guy made me laugh, he made me cry some tears; he made me feel outraged for the injustice that his protagonist is subject to. Once I started reading, I could not stop. I wanted to know more. If I have a criticism to make is that I wish the book were longer.' Daniela Quaglia, The Huffington Post

With An Honest Deceit, Guy Mankowski has invented a new sub-genre in crime fiction. This novel would satisfy even the most discerning reader. I was hooked. I loved it. Ruth Dugdall, bestselling author of The Sacrificial Man and Nowhere Girl

A mesmerising observation of speaking truth to power. Reminded me of Murakami. Mankowski writes characters that are painfully human and fallible. I finished it in one night. Hanna Jameson, author of Something You Are and Girl Seven

'A gripping contemporary thriller. Mankowski's training as a psychologist draws out a taut storyline, full of razor sharp prose and trickery around every corner. A thrilling and intelligent read.' Narc Magazine

Guy Mankowski is a great writer and this is his best novel yet. A book of emotional intelligence and a courageous leap forward. I loved this book so much I asked my wife to read it and am still asking her each day how far she's got! A book that confirms what I've known for ages. Mankowski is one of the best young writers in the UK. Daniel Gothard, author of Simon Says and Reunited.