Thursday, 20 July 2017


Was recently asked to contribute to a textbook which has a chapter on author's notebooks and how they use them. It was a request which threw up some interesting stuff once I went into my box of notebooks...

Notebooks for How I Left The National Grid (Roundfire, 2015)-

Notebook for Letters from Yelena (2012)-

Creative Writing Links For My Students

I’m currently teaching creative writing for Penguin Random House (Writing for Beginner's and currently Constructing A Novel), the Open College of the Arts (Writing Skills and Scriptwriting) and elsewhere. I often have students asking questions along similar lines and having written some blogs on the various aspects of creative writing I thought I should create a go-to place where these can be easily found. So without further ado here are links on various subjects (click on the links in bold)…

Writing short fiction-


How can experts enrich your writing-


Developing your voice

Overcoming writer’s block

Using memory in fiction

Making the most of your narrative