Friday, 1 August 2014

Northern Film & Media Award for 'Antennae: Manchester's Darkest Band'

Greg Fox and I are excited to have just been awarded Northern Film and Media funding to start making our comedy script 'Antennae: Manchester's Darkest Band'. We had the idea for it three years ago, on a tube ride after a Manic Street Preacher's gig in London. I was on crutches at the time and Greg somehow managed to blag our way into the backstage party, which led to the most ludicrous situations ever as some people assumed I was a competition winner. As passionate fans of music, we thought it would be funny to come up with something lampooning the pomposity of the English popstar (something which was not in evidence that night but with the likes of Morrissey, David Bowie, Mark E Smith etc we thought it would be interesting to explore). It's a subject we don't think 'Get Him To The Greek' quite covered. What we're aiming to do is a Spinal Tap set in the North East. No wonder if took us three years to even begin to get our heads around it.

Having never written a script before we've been fortunate to benefit from the input of brilliant people like Slumdog Millionaire producer Ivana MacKinnon to help complete the script. We are now moving forward with the project working with Mac & Fox, the production team that brought you The Suggestibles.

So if you need us we'll be in our (fictional) trailer.

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