Thursday, 24 November 2016

Magazine, Newspaper and Blog Reviews for 'An Honest Deceit'

I've been blown away by the number of reviews 'An Honest Deceit' has been getting- from news outlets like The Huffington Post, magazines like Narc and Living North to much-loved book blogs. As it's a reaction none of my previous novels have had I hope you'll forgive me for sharing some of the quotes the novel's had so far-

‘A book of outstanding quality. The beauty of this book resides in his actuality, and in the way the author eases the reader into it by choosing to tell the story directly from Ben’s perspective. I was increasingly intrigued by the sharp descriptions of the characters that after a few pages take up a life of their own. With this book I can genuinely say that Guy made me laugh, he made me cry some tears, he made me feel outraged for the injustice that his protagonist is subject to. Once I started reading, I could not stop. I wanted to know more. If I have a criticism to make is that I wish the book were longer. I would have loved to be able to indulge in Ben’s life for a few more pages.’ The Huffington Post

‘A dark and twisted psychological thriller, this is a must for all crime fans.’ Living North

‘A gripping contemporary thriller. Mankowski’s training as a psychologist helps to draw out a taught storyline, full of razor sharp prose and trickery around every corner. A thrilling and intelligent read.’ Narc Magazine

‘This novel is brilliantly written. This is not just good it is brilliant. The story starts to burn away at the reader. Guy Mankowski has a real talent for telling a story and keeping the reader guessing right to the very last moments. I am highly recommending An Honest Deceit as one book that you must read before this year is out. It really is that good.' The Last Word

‘A story of suspense, and the tension that builds throughout simply took my breath away. An Honest Deceit is a nail biting and gripping reed. It is one man’s fight for justice that has the reader by his side routing for him throughout. Fantastic book and I can’t recommend it highly enough.’ By The Letter

‘This book is a gem. Pitted as a thriller, it is that but it is also so much more. It sits in its own niche and is quite simply brilliant. Literary and bold, it had me turning each page faster than the last. This book is spectacular. It burns away with a quiet fury, that doesn't die down until the final page turns. Clever, creative, complex and unforgettable.’ Reflections Of A Reader

‘The hope is the force that feeds the characters in this amazing book. A novel with strong strokes, desperate and true, at times touching, with flashbacks full of sweet memories, sweet and full of sunshine.’ The Connor Nation

'It is the scenes surrounding the accident, as Ben and his wife rush to be with their daughter Marine, which are the most powerful. Mankowski describes the miserable, rain swept setting to great effect. `It is in the quieter moments, when we glimpse the raw edge of the family’s emotion, that this novel is at its best.’  Ten Penny Dreams

‘This book has a potent depth- it is rare for me to feel so emotionally invested in a story. An impressive and absorbing read.’ Never Imitate
‘Mankowski’s poetic prose and knack for hooking the reader from the get-go drove me on. I was struck by how skilfully Mankowski drew together new spheres of exposure- reality television, Twitter- with, and into, a classic page-turning thriller structure.’ Claire Meadows, Farringdon Advertiser

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