Wednesday, 4 January 2017

'Once I remember well, life was a feast...'

Thought I'd mention two articles that radical Parisian literature magazine 3:am published of mine on subjects dear to my heart. As any fule no I'm a long term Richey Edwards fan, so was honoured to discuss the man's literary legacy with Daniel Lukes, co-author of Repeater Books' forthcoming collection about Manic Street Preachers' masterpiece The Holy Bible, entitled 'Tryptych'.

The connection came about as a result of Lukes mentioning in 'Tryptych' that my novel, 'How I Left The National Grid' was influenced by Edwards. What followed is a chat about Kurt Cobain, Nine Inch Nails, JG Ballard, Franz Kafka and other artists who impacted upon the mysterious lyricist-

I also wrote a review of Repeaters excellent volume 'Post Punk: Then And Now'- commenting 'regarding the nebulous concept of post-punk, there are still many questions left unanswered. Post Punk Then And Now aligns these questions with admirable verve and versatility, carrying the intriguing discourse that is post-punk a few steps forward.'

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