Thursday, 20 July 2017

Creative Writing Links For My Students

I’m currently teaching creative writing for Penguin Random House (Writing for Beginner's and currently Constructing A Novel), the Open College of the Arts (Writing Skills and Scriptwriting) and elsewhere. I often have students asking questions along similar lines and having written some blogs on the various aspects of creative writing I thought I should create a go-to place where these resources can be easily found. So without further ado here is the main link-

And here are links on various subjects (links in bold). There are also on the above link many other pieces on various subjects to do with being a writer, such as on getting your work published, touring to promote your work, but below are the links that are perhaps most educational. 

Writing short fiction-


How can experts enrich your writing-


Developing your voice

Ten Tips To Improve Your Sentences

Using the idea of memory in stories

Making the most of your narrative

Finally, two online Webinars made with Penguin Random House. 


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